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My Unicorn Horse

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Dreams Come True

Come Play with Us

Riding Lessons for Beginner Adults
Riding Lessons for Beginner Kids
Cart Driving Lessons all ages
Experience the enjoyment of connecting with horses from drivers seat of a 2 wheeled cart!
Training for your Horse
Trailer Loading, Riding, Driving, Hoof Handling, Basics for Connection and Safety with Young/untouchable horses
Equine Assisted Coaching for Families and Individuals
  • Heal trauma and fears
  • Find your confidence within
  • Increase connection and clarity
  • Have fun
Sara Licht is Certified and Experienced in numerous equine and energetic modalities that can assist you in shifting your reality.  
Call Sara to book your session 

Riding Lessons 

$35 for 30 mins (ages 3-5)

$50 for 60 mins (ages 8+)


$60 shared lesson with friend or siblings

Even if your child has never been on a horse before, Rainy (the Unicorn Horse) and Sara can provide a wonderfully patient, fun, and confidence-building experience that your kids will remember for years! 

For older children, we offer more groundwork games and horsemanship skills, and circus-style lunge lessons for balance and confidence before taking the reins.  

Unicorn Experiences

$60 for up to 2 children

$30 each additional child

Birthday Parties Available

Call to reserve your date.

More details coming for our fabulous new location!

Have a magical experience your kids will remember!  

Small groups or individuals can enjoy brushing her long white mane and tail, learn horsemanship skills, and go for a gentle lead-line ride. This Unicorn also knows how to paint and do other magical things. 

Together Sara and Rainy make a great team for having a fun and educational event.  Kids can dress up as they wish, and can have their pics taken (by you*) with this beautiful Unicorn.

We have a shaded arena and several other locations to use for your Unicorn event.    

*For professional Unicorn/ Horse portraits please scroll down.

Horse Training

$50 learn with my horses

$50 (+ travel) to teach with or train your horse

Have ever you wished you could speak Horse? Do you already have horses, but would like to expand your connection with them? 


Do you have horses you would like to have a gentle approach to training for a non-traumatic start? Do you have a horse that just needs help in handling certain situations?

Would you like to get out into nature and hang out with horses, or learn any aspect of horsemanship, such as groundwork, liberty, riding, or driving a horse and cart?

Contact Sara (608)215-5200

Free Consultation Available upon request

More info at:

Sara Licht

Horse Training:


Trainer and teacher Sara Licht invites you into a magical world of horses that she knows is real.

Horses have been grabbing our hearts and imagination for hundreds of years, so much that we asked them to be warriors, companions, and teachers for us.  

It is very much like the horses in Avatar, that when connected, tune into our energy and carry us on their backs,  becoming our "wings."


Sara's clients of all ages get insights on the practical methods of Animal Communication, Calm, Energy awareness, and imagination, that she uses while training or hanging out with horses.  

Being with horses can add an enrichment to your life that may be unexpected.  They open our hearts and offer theirs to us as well.  


Have the horses been calling

to you?

About Sara

You Matter
You are a GIFT
Be Joyfully You!



I have tools to help you remember 

Just for Fun

horse whisper at liberty


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Sara Licht


Come Play With Us

Located in Beautiful

St. David, Arizona

35 mins from Tucson

20 mins from Tombstone


Feel Free to TEXT Sara

Tel: 608-215-5200

Featured web photographer: Stacy Tierman 
Have your own Professional Unicorn/Horse Portraits:
Contact Sara Licht (608)215-5200

Text or Call Sara Licht (608)215-5200

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